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The Law Office of Lane & Glassman is a full-service personal injury law firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2014, attorney Mark Glassman will celebrate 20 years of legal service to the South Florida Community. Mr. Glassman has been the recipient of honors and accolades for his legal services including repeated recognition as among the “Legal Elite” by Florida Trend Magazine. The Law Office of Lane & Glassman, exclusively represents individuals who have been injured due the negligence of others in the Ft. Lauderdale and Plantation, FL areas. In order to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, the Law Office of Lane & Glassman, does not, and shall not, represent any insurance companies, hospitals or healthcare providers. Whether your injury is the result of medical malpractice, an automobile accident, or other type of negligence, the Law Office of Lane & Glassman, will aggressively represent you throughout the claims process and, if necessary, at trial.

Injured in a 595 Accident?

Following a motor vehicle accident, you might be left to contend with the recovery process while also dealing with rapidly mounting expenses. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your personal injury protection (PIP) limits might quickly be exhausted. When someone else caused your accident and injuries, you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover full compensation for all of your losses. Hiring an experienced injury accident attorney at Lane & Glassman can greatly increase the chances that your claim will be successful. Attorney Mark Glassman, Esq. has represented clients throughout South Florida since 1994 and has a strong reputation among his clients and the legal community. He is rated as AV-Preeminent on Martindale-Hubbel, which is the highest peer-reviewed rating available from the rating organization based on his legal skills and ethics. When you have one of our attorneys on your side, we will use a combination of our legal skills, hard work, and legal knowledge to thoroughly investigate your case and secure evidence to build strong support for your claims. We are frequently able to secure maximal compensation on behalf of our clients. In many cases, insurance companies opt to offer fair settlements to our clients instead of risking a potential loss to us at trial.

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A sudden and unexpected collision might be overwhelming and confusing. If you are in a collision, you should make sure to seek immediate medical attention to receive an accurate diagnosis of your injuries and prompt treatment even if you are initially unsure that you have been injured. Some injuries have delayed symptoms that might not show up for hours or days, and seeking prompt medical care can help to facilitate a faster recovery while also protecting your potential auto accident claim. After you seek medical care, you should call the experienced accident attorneys at Lane & Glassman as soon as possible. Retaining a Florida accident attorney immediately after your car wreck can help to preserve evidence that could be lost or spoliated while also helping to prevent you from making mistakes that could harm your claim. We offer free consultations and can help you understand your legal rights and options. If we accept your case, we will handle the communication with the insurance company for you so that you can concentrate on getting better after being injured. We are prepared to help you with your PIP claim if your insurance company is refusing to pay, and we can also help you if your PIP coverage isn’t enough to cover the costs of your injuries and other losses by filing an injury lawsuit against the party that caused your crash and injuries.

Our Attorneys Will Get You Paid

Dealing with insurance companies after a car crash can be difficult and overwhelming. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they frequently use tactics to try to avoid paying claims or minimize how much they will have to pay accident victims. When you retain an attorney at Lane & Glassman, you will have an experienced litigator on your side who is prepared to take on the insurance companies involved in your case for you. Our attorneys work closely with accident reconstruction experts, investigators, and other experts to help us gather evidence and build strong cases showing the liability of the defendants for our clients. Our thorough approach and reputation as highly skilled litigators often help us to secure full settlement offers for our clients. If an insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, we are prepared to fight for your full recovery by taking your case to trial if necessary. While most auto accident claims are resolved in settlements, we are unafraid to advocate for you through a bench or jury trial to recover the compensation you deserve. Our goal is to make sure you are made whole after your accident so that you can move forward with your life. Florida accident attorney Mark Glassman, Esq. has fought for the rights of accident victims in South Florida for decades and understands what it takes to help you recover full compensation for all of your economic and non-economic losses.

Broward County Crash Statistics Betweem 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2021

Total Crashes
Fatalities from Crashes
Injuries from Crashes


  • Jacob Rodgers v. City of Gainesville
    $120 Million - Trial Verdict

    Mr. Rodgers was a passenger in a pickup truck which was t-boned by an SUV operated by an employee of Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) after running a stop sign.  The momentum of the SUV lifted and flipped the pickup, and Mr. Rodgers, who was not wearing a seatbelt in the backseat of the pickup, was thrown from the truck resulting in him becoming paralyzed from the mid-chest down.  Working with a local firm in North Florida, the driver for the City of Gainesville was found to be 100% at fault for the accident and the jury awarded Mr. Rodgers exactly $120,000,000.00, which is one of the largest jury verdicts ever in Florida for an automobile accident.

  • Estate of Paola Penafiel v. Baena & Estate of Paola Penafiel v. GEICO
    $5 Million – Judgment

    Ms. Penafiel was killed when her vehicle was rear ended while waiting to pay a toll on State Route 112.  Mr. Baena’s insurance company, GEICO, attempted to avoid responsibility under a contractual technicality.  Mr. Glassman obtain the judgment against Mr. Baena, and successfully took on the GEICO in Federal Court to force the insurance company to accept responsibility for the judgment.   

  • Edward O, M.D. v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Company
    $750,000.00 – Settlement

    Dr. O was the victim of a hit and run accident while riding his bicycle.  After Dr. O’s claim was initially denied, Mr. Glassman pursued a claim under his uninsured motorist policy.  Prior to trial,  the insurance company tendered entire insurance policy limits.

  • Nicole R. v. Nitsch
    $370,000.00 – Settlement

    Nicole was lawfully rider her training cycle along Cleary Road in Plantation when Mr. Nitsch pulled out in front of Nicole as he was leaving his apartment complex. Nicole slammed into the front driver’s side of Mr. Nitsch’s vehicle and was thrown from her bicycle. Fortunately, Nicole was wearing a helmet and avoided a potentially devastating injury.

  • Shari L v. Insurance Company
    $150,000.00 – Settlement

    Ms. Kressler was involved in two separate accidents within 6 month period.  Each Defendant blamed the other for Ms. Kressler’s injuries.  Mr. Glassman pursued both drivers and Ms. Kressler’s own insurance company in a single lawsuit which resulted in a settlement prior to trial.

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